Thursday, August 28, 2008

David, Come Home!!

So the love of my life has been out of town for almost 2 weeks with work. It has been the longest two weeks of my life. It is amazing how a person could miss someone so much. The other night Micah (our 3 year old) was talking to David and he said, "Daddy you have to come home from work it's bedtime." It totally was so cute, but broke my heart. I know babe that you probably will not read this, but I want everyone to know how much I love you. I do not know how I ever lived without you in my life. You are my everything. You are sooo good to me and are truly an amazing dad. Thanks for all your hard work for our family. You are "FABULOUS!!" WE LOVE YOU!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Congrats Whitlocks

Amy and Alex finally closed on their gorgeous new house. (I'll have to post some pictures when I get some.) I am so excited for them!! So we move on Saturday which is so exciting. I can't wait. I just wanted to tell them congrats and that they are the best. Thanks for letting us crowd in on your special occasion by moving with you. (Really if I was in your shoes that would kind of stink. You get your first house and surprise - your sister is living with you. You don't even get your own space to do whatever you want to with because your sister and her kids are taking up much needed space for your family. Amy you did not think that I could read your mind did you. Just kidding.) You are too good to us. And SO giving! What would we do without you. We are so blessed. They have really helped us through this adventure we decided to take. We have already been here in Vegas for 2 months. The time really has flown. Congrats again!!!

Breaking Dawn

So I loved the book. It was wonderful. My favorite part (well one of many) was how much Edward and Bella loved each other after she became a vampire. (Seriously, if you really did not think that this was going to happen then I am sorry I ruined the book!) For some reason I was worried that this would change thier relationship. It did not nearly take me as long to read as the others. Only 9 hours and 23 minutes. (This is for Taleesha.) Really I do not know how long. But I loved it. Plus it was nice that I was on vacation to read it. I did not have to worry about keeping the house clean because I did not care. I loved the entire series. I am sad that it is over. However, I will look forward to Midnight Sun. (Edward view on Twilight. You can read the first chapter on her official website. I can't remember the site address. I liked what I read.) David has finished the first book and loved it!! He even started reading it in front of people because he loved it so much. He is starting #2. It is fun to be able to talk to him about them.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Blogging! Blogging! Blogging!

So I decided that I would sit at the computer and blog for a while. I got a ton done!! Not all of it fit on one page so you will probably have to go back several pages to view all that I have done. Our family is going to St. George tomorrow. (Amy thinks that I am running away so that I won't have to help her back her house. They are getting ready to move. Dang, she figured me out!! Amy- you know I love you!) Therefore, I will not be able to check my computer for a week. So I am excited to read everyone's comments when I get back. (So leave some!!!) Have a good time viewing the blog!! (And leaving comments. I am trying to leave a hint!! I love to read peoples comments! :)

Lone Peak Mountain

Saturday, August 2, 2008, we decided to hike Lone Peak Mountain. It is this mountain that is detached from the mountain range. It just sits all by itself. (Hence, the name.) David had heard there was a cave at the top of this trail so we decided to give it a try. We took Acaylia and Ruby with us.

This trail looks decent from this view, but it was steep, and it was made from loose rocks that slipped under your feet. So we were practically crawling up it. Micah cried the whole way up and down. Maxx said he never want to hike this mountain again. There were a few scrapes, but we made it to the top. And at the top we found this...

No cave, just a indent and lots of graffiti!! (We were a little disappointed! Maybe the cave is somewhere else. But we were not about to go looking for it. Not with all these kids.)

Maxx at the top. He actually did a really good job climbing the mountain. But it was steep. So me and him were buddies.

Matthew is a natural born climber. He was all over that mountain. He was awesome!! He climbed up and down that thing like it was a piece of cake!!

Acaylia is "queen" on the mountain!!

I'm not sure what Madi is doing in this picture. Maybe sunbathing!! She takes after her mom! Nothing like getting a tan after a hard day of hiking.

Teamwork. These two helped each other get down the mountain. It was slippery! They just held on to each other and did not fall once. Me and Maxx should have been on their team.

Micah at the bottom of the mountain. He sure was glad to be down!!

Little Ruby! You can't see her very well, but she was a trooper. She fell on her bum so hard and did not even cry. You can't see it very well but she is pulling the face of "what did you get me into!"

Luckily this mountain is right by a playground. So after their hard work they got to play for a while!~ All said and done I thought it was fun. I always like an adventure.

Super Hero's

Me and Amy made Superman PJ's for our boys. Yes, I made them! This project was a little time consuming, but the end product is fun. Plus the boys LOVED LOVED LOVED them. They were saving everyone from Matthew (He had to be the Super bad guy, of coarse!) When we went to the fabric store we saw this really cheap material (My guess is because of the colors!!) Amy thought super hero PJs would be fun. She is more creative than me. I saw the colors and thought, "No way am I putting my boys in those colors! They are so ugly!!" But they turned out cute.

My Super Heros

The back of their costumes. We sewed thier initails on the back.

Maxx and Micah save the day

Sam and Micah stop for a quick pose. I had to pry them off each other to take this picture. They are so silly!!

Matthew and Maxx (Matthew wants to blow up the day, not save it!! Luckily we have Maxx who will fight the evil forces.)

Temple Cleaning

On July 31st we (Me, Amy and Alex) had the opportunity to clean the Las Vegas Temple. (David was in St. George) They had about 100 people there, and the cleaning crew was so excited about the turn out. We cleaned the kitchen, and it was not easy work. We cleaned for 4 1/2 hours. (6 PM- 10:30 PM) They gave us a cookie break half way through. They were good cookies. It was so fun to go and see the temple in a different way. I am so thankful for this opportunity. It was hard work and my body ached the next morning. But I made new friends and we were all there to serve the Lord. I hope I get the opportunity to clean it again. They told us that before we came they were a day behind, during cookie break we were a day ahead. So hopefully by the time we left they were a couple days ahead. I am sure that they were praying to get caught up, and I feel that a miracle happened because the cleaning crew said over and over that they were amazed at the turnout. I feel so blessed to have been apart of this.

Lied Museum

We went to the Lied Children's Museum.
We had a great time (and got an awesome discount)

Here the kids are playing with clay and Maxx in his Prince costume. There was so much to do in this museum. (It is like the Discovery Gateway in Utah)

We had so much fun. They had this booth where you go in, shut the door, and experience a hurricane winds up to 80 MPH. It was awesome. Luckily, we had been before (and it was cheap) so we only spent 3 hours there. (The kids were getting so tired and hungry so we decided to go.) You could definitely spend an entire day here.

*The next post is also at the museum*

Just Like Grandpa!!

One section was talked about the Post Office.

"We want to be just like Grandpa!"

We love and miss you Grandpa Ashby!!

Breaking Dawn

Yeah!! We got the book Breaking Dawn. We were at Barnes and Noble at 8:30 AM and got our wristband. We are #2. That night we went back to Barnes and Noble for the "Party." Actually because we already had a wristband we didn't get there until 11:30 PM. We talked with some of Amy's friends for a minute. It was fun because all these people had dressed up like Edward, Bella, and other characters from the book. At 11:55 they lined us up (there were about 200 people there) and the excitement started. We were all cheering. You can imagine how silly that many girls can get. (There were some boys there too. I have even convinced David to let me read them to him. We like to read books together. I have been wanting to read them again so that will be a good opportunity.) Yeah for us, we got the book. (Not that we were afraid we would not get a copy.) Actually Amy bought it. I am cheap so I will just read it after her. (They are really great books, but I just went along for the fun. I can wait. Amy is really into it. She is the one who told me about them in the first place. What would I do without her. I wouldn't sew or read books.) I think I will post my opinion of the book after I am done reading it. That might be in a couple weeks so don't hold your breath. (Not because Amy hasn't finished it, because it takes me awhile to finish a book. Even though these are very entertaining books.)

Milk Boxes

These coolers not only hold our delivered milk, but also our children. We put these two crazies in the containers the night before the milkman comes, but for some reason he only leaves the milk and never takes the children. O well, we will keep trying!!


I MADE THESE PJ'S. I wanted to BUY some cheap pj's (the key word is BUY) and my sister convinces me that the cheapest (not the most convenient or easiest) way was to make them. So I bought the cheapest material I could find and make some for Maxx and Matthew. (Matthew are the same, but his top is blue and bottom is green.) They were totally cheap. I made both pairs for $3.00. That is awesome!! I hope they stay together. They were actually really easy to make. (Except for the collar. It gave me trouble.) Maxx loves his so much that I let him wear them all day and night, and then after much deliberation, convinced him that they were dirty. But lucky for him I had them washed by that night. Seeing how much he loves them totally makes my effort worth it. Thanks Amy for helping me be domestic!! I would NEVER EVER have done this without you. And as much as I complain, I had fun! As for Maxx's hair - Aunt Amy was messing around with him before church. She thought I would fix it, which I attempted to do. But he loved it so much and I was not in the mood to fight him. (Sundays are hard enough and he was happy.) So he went to church looking like this. Not the outfit, just the hair. We now keep Aunt Amy away from him on Sunday. (After reading this blog I make it sound like Maxx gets whatever he wants. This is not always the case, but the boy does melt my heart!!)

Red Rock Canyon

We hiked Red Rock Canyon July 26, 2008. It was so much fun. We first went on this mile hike that lead to nowhere, and some helpful people directed us to a different hike. (More oriented toward children.) The second hike was called Children's Discovery Trail, and it was the funniest hike I have ever been on. It had so many fun rocks to climb, and it told about the Indians and showed some of their shelter. It was awesome!! At the end of the hike there is a Seasonal waterfall. You can only see the waterfall during the months of January through March. But since the waterfall was not there we were able to climb the rocks around that area. That was cool. Matthew and David found this huge rock to slide down. (David ripped a big hole in his pants because he really used it as a slide. He is too cute!! This is why I love him so much. He makes me giggle all the time.) There were so many different terrains on the hike, the dirt would suddenly turn from red to black, which was cool, and the landscape was beautiful. Our family really loved this hike. (However, the trail was rocky and narrow- so we got our share of scratches and bumps. But we all thought it was totally worth it.)

24th of July

They do not celebrate the 24th of July in Vegas. So we made up our own fun. We went to the park, which had a water fountain, and played for a long time. We came home had a picnic, watched Nancy Drew with popcorn, and that night we had a BBQ. It was a lot of fun and we all had a blast. Daddy had to work - we missed him.