Monday, March 16, 2009

Fire Station

The music maker group that we attend every Wednesday did a field trip to the Fire Station! Personally I was super excited because I have never been to a firestation before. It was a lot of fun. So I have posted way too many pictures and wanted to post more but enough is ENOUGH!! (I was tempted to pull Matthew out of school to go, but didn't. How cool is the fire station to boys and moms who are cooped up in the house too much!)

We look a lot silly but sometimes it is all about the memories and making a dork out of your self on your blog! (Seriously, I have no idea how I have linked this! I am freakin' amazing with computers.)

2 of the boys in front of the station. They were on a call so we had to wait a while for them to come back.

Fireman Moobster in his fire hat!

Sam, Moobster, and Cubby Diesel getting ready to climb onto the fire truck.

Cubby Diesel driving the truck. I have seen how he rides his bike. Not a good combination!

Moobster in the truck.

There are so many devices on the truck! They wanted to touch (and brake) them all.

In the fire truck. They were all trying on the helmet but Moobster wouldn't so he held the flashlight.

But Cubby Diesel was a totally different story. He wanted to try on everything!

Once our turn was over in the truck we decided why not climb all over the outside of the truck as well. These little monkeys!

At the end, one of the fireman had the kids watch him put on his entire outfit. Even the oxygen mask. Which I thought was such a good idea. He was telling the kids that if there was a fire that this is what he would look like if he came into the house to rescue them. Most of the kids were a little nervous but ok with this idea. He then said that they could come and touch his outfit and shake his hand. They all started crying. 20 plus kids scared to death. It was a little hilarious. I was proud of Cubby Diesel because he went over to him and gave him five. (This is my child who is afraid of Chucky Cheese! So I was very surprised!) So did Moobster Do after a little encouragement.

We really had a great time. Thanks for those who organized this!

Cache Cans

Our first Cache Can. The kids are showing their treasures!

Mike, Becka, McKay and Isabel Ashby came and visited us a couple weeks ago. We had a great time with them. They were on their way to Disneyland and stopped by. We took them to one of our favorite hiking spots. Red Rock Canyon. Mike has this GPS System for doing the cache cans so we were able to find hidden treasure! The kids loved it, especially David. They each were able to pick out a toy from the treasure can and then leave their own. We even started one of our own. Uncle Mike showed us how. It is called Snarly Dead Wood Forest (or something like that if anyone is interested in finding it.) It was pretty cool and a lot of fun. Even when my darling husband thought that it would be cool to try to find JUST ONE MORE, in the dark, with cactus's, 6 children, and a very not brave wife! Finally David and Mike told us to stay where we were and that they would go and find it and bring the treasures back. Once we got in the car it seemed a lot more fun than it did at the instant. Isabel was such a trooper even though she got a cactus prick in her leg. She did not even cry- that is one brave girl. We just spent a lot of time talking and it was so good to see them. Thank you so much for coming!