Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I know that you all just love how I post a years worth in a day. One last story!

On Sunday I had asked the boys to make thier beds before getting dressed so that they did not wrinkle their church clothes. (Like we ever go to church perfectly pressed. Seriously they are boys. They get grass stains on their pants in the middle of winter?)

So I go downstairs and who do I find butt naked? Micah. (I know that some of you were thinking Matthew but I think he is finally coming out of that stage.) Anyways, Micah is doing exactly what I told him to do. He is making his bed and folding up his blankets.

Here is the conversation:
Mom: Micah, why are you naked?

Micah: Because you told us to make our beds without any clothes on so that we would not get them wrinkled!!!

I thought this was cute and shocked that he actually listened- in his own little Micah way.
(This boy is silly! He seriously always has me at a loss for words!)

Pizza and a Play

Madi had been taking acting lessons at the Hale Center Theater. They had their showcase in March. They put on the Three Musketeers. She was the Queen. (As always.) She did a great job and just loves it. After we went for pizza at Godfathers. Yummy! Thanks to all the Grandma's and Grandpa's, uncles, and friends that came. (G and G Ashby are not in any of the pictures because they could make it to the pizza party! The play went a lot longer than expected!!!)

This is how here exceptance speech will go at the Oscars:

I would like to thank all those who supported me-

My little brothers who eats pizza "like a man"

And play video games instead of helping me with my lines.

My Gangster Grandpa and Grandma

All my friends

My Uncle Alex and Grandma Great

and especially my mom who drove me to drama every week!!
Okay so the speech needs a lot of work. She's got time.

Madi received some beautiful flowers from Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa Ashby. Grandma and Grandpa Ogden surprised her (and mom) with another session of acting lessons.

Madi fencing (part of the play) They would switch partners in and out. It was like a dance. Very cool!

Madi in her big part as Queen: tiara, fan, and all!!
It was super fun. We can't wait to see what she gets to preform next time.


In Feb. we hit the road and went to Legoland. It was so much fun! I was also able to spend almost a week with my sister. It was the best vacation. We surprised the kids with the trip. We pretend like we were leaving Amy's house and going home. Madi caught on that something was up. She kept asking if we were sure that we were going the right way. Once we hit the port of entry to California she knew. However she is a good sport and just played along. When we were almost to Legoland we had the kids unwrap a ticket to legoland. They were excited.

A Few of The Things That I Enjoyed:
*Micah was hilarious because he absolutely loved everyride. The faster the better.

*Matthew also went on every ride, but was hunched over because it tickled his "manhood." (Not exactly the terms he used.)
*All the objects that you see in the pictures are made from legos. It is amazing. Millions and millions of legos. Unbelievable.
*Since we went in Feb. there were no lines. The most we waited was 10 minutes and some of the rides we could ride several times in a row because no one else was in line.
*Matthew will never get his drivers license. They had cars the you could drive. (Not bumper cars- Matthew did not get that memo.) They were suppose to follow the flow of traffic. Try to follow the stop signs, not flip U turns, not bump into other cars. Matthew followed none of these rules. I thought for sure that they would stop the ride and kick him out. The couple standing next to us was practicly on the floor laughing. I was pretty embarrassed. But it was funny.
*They had a ride where you tried to hit the targets with a lazer gun. This was Maxx's favorite. He was actually pretty good and did better than the other kids and mom everytime.
*Madi liked most the rides once we dragged her on them. She seriously made the trip worth it. All the kids were amazingly good. But on the last ride we were on these pedal cars and she looked at me and said, "Mom thank you so much for taking us here. I've had so much fun. You are the best. I really love you!" It seriously brought a tear to my eye. (Not hard to do.) You could tell that she really meant itt. (However, she has been taking acting classes- they might be paying off!) But it was so sweet.
*At the hotel I told the kids that they had to jump on the bed. They were seriously shocked. So I showed them how to flip from one bed to the other. I am so mature. Luckily no broken bones.
*David and Matthew got trapped in a corner on the lego boat ride. He was letting Matthew drive. (Did he not see him on the cars?) They could not get out. However, I was seriously laughing so hard that Maxx had to take over driving. He managed to turn us around going the wrong way and we bumped into David. So I got my payback for making fun of David. It was fun. But all these other boats are passing us jsut staring. We are use to it. (Probably one of those had to be there moments.)
*Not having to cook dinner or make any beds.

*I just loved spending time with my family. They are so much fun and we have amazing kids who are very grateful and loved everything we did.

It was hat day at school. So I let the kids pick whatever hat they wanted to wear. I maybe should have helped Maxx. However, you can't beat a huge Sombrero at school. I am sure the teacher loved that. (And for sunglasses day he wore a big pair of yellow clown glasses. You know the gigantic sized pair you use to play with as a kid. I forgot to take a picture. This boy always thinks outside the box.)

Madi has been taking classes at the Hale Center Theatre and so why she is there we head over to the library for an hour. It has been really fun to have that time with the boys and just focus on reading. (And the rodents they have trapped in a cage. And the 50 trips to the bathroom. And the beanbag that they want to run and jump into. Did I say that we go there to read?)

First Timmer!

My little ballerina Micah was twirling in the front room. He tripped over his foot and seriously flew like 4 feet to hit hid head on the fireplace. He had to get 3 stitched on the inside because it was so deep and then 9 staples on the outside to hold it together. When he gets hurt he know how to do it right. And to think that I debated whether or not to take him in. (I was just going to glue it together myself and stick a bandaid on!!) However, of the boys he was the oldest to get staples at the ripe old age of 4.) We keep the doctors in business. I am sure that is how anyone with kids feels!! And of course he thought he was awesome!

Monday, February 15, 2010

What I Want to be when I Grow Up

As a mother when you have children you imagine that they will grow up to be doctors, lawyers, and good hard working citizens. Our are in training to be old lady cross dressers. A mothers wish come true!!! (He seriously wears this everyday!! Should I worry?)

Friday, February 12, 2010

I love the leaves! The Ashby's have a ton! Fun to play in- not so fun to rake!! I guess that depends on who you ask. Matthew loves it. Here are some fun pictures in the leaves. Why so many of Maxx? Because he was having so much fun!!

Madi is pulling a mom. I seriously have a picture just like this with my leg up in the air. However, as hot as it was I am not posting it. She is my complete opposite, but every once in awhile she humors me! Thanks Madi girl.