Monday, April 21, 2008

The sweet sound of SUCCESS!!

Micah has a mind of his own. The day he turned two he decided that he wanted to go on the potty. He did great for about 6 months and then said in these exact words, " I like to poop on the floor!!" And that he did. For about a month I tried my hardest to not give in because he'd been doing so well. But he loved cleaning up his accidents and anything I tried to do to make it seem better to go on the potty backfired. (He knows how to work the system like a charm.) So I gave in. I put him back in diapers. Well about 2 weeks ago I looked at him and said, "Micah you will go on the potty!!" And he says, "OK!" And just like that he is potty trained. It was no fuss. He is such a turkey! He just likes pushing my buttons. So hopefully in 6 months we will not revert back. (I am crossing my fingers!) GOOD JOB MICAH!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Locks for Love

One day Madison came up to us and said that she wanted to grow out her hair to donate it to cancer patients. So for over a year she has grown it out... (even through the crying of brushing out snarls) last time with curls and a bow... (heart break for mom) the hairstylist getting ready for the big cut. The excitement is building!!...

...the first cut begins...

...look at that cutie!! She loves her hair. In fact I have to pry her away from the mirror. She just can't stop looking at herself.

She was able to donate 12 inches of hair. Way to go Madi!!!

Easter (After Church)

So we made it through church and we were so excited to get home. Everyone found thier Easter Baskets and were so excited!(the Easter Bunny makes us look for our baskets. He is always tricky!!)

Micah with his Easter Basket.

Maxx and Micah looking through their baskets. Seeing who got the best candy. Surely enough they got the exact same everything. That Easter Bunny is so smart. (Competition in everything!!! Even Easter Baskets. Hopefully when they are in school they will compete to see who can get the most A's. Wishful thinking, but it is worth a try.)

Maxx is practicing to be a ninja. Everyone better stay way from his candy!!

Madi and Mom. We found similar dresses and thought it would be fun to match.

Daddy and the Wild Ones.

Matthew started undressing while we were at church. We had to remind him to wait until we got home. Once we got home he was so excited that the clothes remained on. (mostly)

Maxx got pie maker Tyrone. This is what he wants to be when he grows up. A pie maker. Such dreams!!

Madi and her Easter Basket. She loves My Little Pet Shop animals. She never plays with them, she just wants to collect them all. She has them all displayed very nicely in her room. (Her little brothers like to come into her room and destroy her display, so she has made Matthew the guard over her room while she is at school. He does an awesome job. He might make a good security guard, or bouncer!!)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Easter Sunday ( Before Church)

So this pictures sums up our Easter morning. Matthew is a grump. He is not going to wear clothes and he hates his tie. (The tie came off after pictures. It did not make it to church. O well.) Madi is perfect. Doing everything she is asked too. Maxx is high as a kite. He woke up at 7 am, ate breakfast, got dressed, and was ready to go by 7:30. (Church starts at nine, and the easter bunny comes to our house while we are at church. However, Maxx thougt that the Easter Bunny was going to be at church. So all during sacrament he kept saying where is the easter bunny. And over and over we explained that he was coming to our house while we were at church. He is a goof.) And where is Micah? Jumping on the couch. Surprise! Surprise! He was not getting in the picture. I tried tying him up but somehow he escaped. That boy.

Micah thought he would take a quick break from jumping. So I snapped a quick picture. He loved his easter outfit. Infact he threw a major fit when I took it off him to go to bed. However, he would not wear his tie either.

Madi my poser. She looked beautiful!

Matthew is happy!! Yeah. That lasted a second, but I got a cute picture.

Maxx is so handsome. And once again. High as a kite.

Dying Easter Eggs

Here we are doing the traditional Easter Egg Dying. (Every year I ask myself why do we do this. But the kids love it. Almost as much as David. He always has the most creative egg. Everyone will be done with thier eggs and he is still creating his masterpiece. He will turn the eggs into objects like people, pineapples, animals, ect. He has to get out all the craft supplies. This is why I love him so much. He makes doing things a lot more fun than I do.)

Micah showing off his egg. He had a great time. Surprisingly enough he did not attempt to throw the egg at anyone or smash it. We are making progress!! However, he was very upset with the white crayon. He was very frusterated. It was broken and just would not work.

Maxx with one of his eggs. He had so much dye all over his body when we were done. If the saying is true, The dirtiest one had the most fun!! Then he had a BLAST!!

Madi is still in the process of dying her eggs. She is starting to get more creative with her eggs. She takes after David. I still plop mine in, wait a minute and I'm done!! (I know, every party has a pooper thats why we invited you. Party pooper. I just hate the mess.)

Poor Matthew had the flu. He did not even want to get out of bed. So we brought the easter eggs to him.

Maxx says, "Phew!! We made it through one more year of dying Easter Eggs!!!" My thoughts exactly.