Sunday, May 4, 2008

Madi's Accomplishment

Madison got an award for scoring in the top 10 percent nationally on the IOWA test this year. We were excited for her. She always tries her best and loves school. (We as her parents have reason to believe that she really just loves the boys at school.) We love her so much. She has such an awesome personality. Madi thought this pictures would show off her intellegence. Way too go Madi!!

Kung Fu Fighting

Matthew and Maxx have been taking a little ninja class. Matthew wants to be a ninja when he grows up so we thought we better get him started. They are loving it . The teacher is fantastic and these little kids are hilarious doing all the kicks and punches. They are learning respect, to listen, follow orders, and so on. None has yet to be witnessed at home, but maybe that comes later. They are also taught to only use the moves to defend themselves only if they are in danger. However, they must constantly be in danger because they like to use thier moves on thier little brother Micah, each other, and anything else that stands in their way. But they did that before the class, so nothing much has changed!! The pictures did not turn out the best but they are the short ones in matching outfits.

Doing a side block

Standing like a Black Belt

Standing with their teachers


Grandma LaDonna and Grandpa Dave gave the kids shirts from their trip to Cancun. They are pirate shirts and the kids love them. One day they all wore them and played pirate all day long. I was tied up several times and had to "walk the plank." I love thier imaginations. They seriously make me laugh all day. (In between the time outs, yelling, aspirin taking, and so on. I think you get the point.) Thanks grandma and grandpa!!

Dressed for the day!!

The other morning I asked the kids to get dressed and this is what Micah and Maxx came out in. I quess next time I need to be more specific!! (Or hide the swim bag!!)