Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vegas Style!!

So I think Vegas has rubbed off on my son. (Thanks Amy for the picture!) Pasties and all. As my sister would say, "Watch out Thunder Down Under!" Since Vegas is having a little too much influence on my chilren we are getting out of here. We are heading to Utah for a little vacation. (Therefore my blog might suffer more than it already does.)
Comment on the picture: We were painting and the paint and stickers can never just stay on the paper. As me and Amy were sitting around with our 2 youngest boys we commented on how we would have never let our first borns just sit and paint on themselves while we laughed. But once you get to number 4 it is actually quite funny to watch them paint themselves. It seems we get a little more relaxed. (I actually do remember letting my other kids paint themselves. I just wasn't as relaxed.)