Monday, February 15, 2010

What I Want to be when I Grow Up

As a mother when you have children you imagine that they will grow up to be doctors, lawyers, and good hard working citizens. Our are in training to be old lady cross dressers. A mothers wish come true!!! (He seriously wears this everyday!! Should I worry?)

Friday, February 12, 2010

I love the leaves! The Ashby's have a ton! Fun to play in- not so fun to rake!! I guess that depends on who you ask. Matthew loves it. Here are some fun pictures in the leaves. Why so many of Maxx? Because he was having so much fun!!

Madi is pulling a mom. I seriously have a picture just like this with my leg up in the air. However, as hot as it was I am not posting it. She is my complete opposite, but every once in awhile she humors me! Thanks Madi girl.

So the other day me and my hottie were looking at our blog and he made a comment of, "why don't you post anything that is updated." So here is a post to satisfy him! Whatever- I also satisfy!!! :) Our winter fun. All the fun things we couldn't do in Vegas. O wait! Snow is not fun. So I begged Uncle Adam to take my kids outside and build a snowman with them. He is a lifesaver!!! (So my kids are watching BackYardigans and Maxx is laughing his head off. There is nothing better than the sound of kids laughing!!!)