Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break

We made a run to St. George for spring break. My sister lives in Vegas and met us there. We stayed at our families condo and had a blast. Of coarse the kids wanted to swim the entire time. But it was lots of fun!! Maxx in his cool googles. He insisted on wearing them even when he was not in the pool. In the condo, at the park, during dinner, you get the point.
Madi and Matthew take a second for a quick pose.
Dots is one of Amy's girls. She is an awesome swimmer. She is on a swim team in Vegas. Boy is she fast!! At the last competition she took first on the 100 m backstroke. Good job Dots. Also she is one of Madi's favorite cousins. These two are inseperable.
Maxx and Ruby -also one of Amys girls, but acts just like her aunt Allison. We both want to be the princess so we butt heads a little!! They are having a great time. Ruby is teaching Maxx to swim.
B-Daw and Sumo- Amys 2 boys. B-Daw loves his little brother and takes good care of him.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Madison is Growing Up

Madison is getting so grown up. I can't handle it. She told me the other day that she is getting too old to wear bows in her hair. What!! You are never to old to wear bows. She isn't my baby girl anymore. That is ok. It is fun to beable to relate to her and actually have a more mature conversation. So I guess I will trade in the bows for that.

Silly Maxx

Just some silly pictures of Maxx. In the top picture he wanted to have facial hair like daddy. So why not draw some. He did a great job. This is what Davids looks like (But without pen and not up around his cheek and on his nose.) Next, I asked him to sort the laundry but he insisted on trying on sisters clothes. Last, this is his Lightning McQueen pit crew outfit. He loves it!!

Cast Off!!

Feb. 25, 2008 Matthew got his casts off. Wow! The six weeks went by fast. He was such a good boy and never complained. People had warned me that they would itch and he would be uncomfortable. But he never complained! (After the first couple of days.) He was excited to get his casts off. Boy were they ready to come off. We had them duct taped in a couple different placs because they were falling apart. And they were stinky!! Once the cast were off it took him a couple days to get use to walking without the casts. He had stiff ankles and there were new muscles to train. He has never walked flat footed so it is different to see him be able to walk with his heels on the ground. He shrunk a couple inches. But he is doing great. He has the walking down pretty good. He is trying hard.

Ashby Reunion

In Feb. we had an Ashby family reunion. It was a lot of fun. We ate, played games, and had a great time. Mom Ashby made some darling shirt with Ashby on the front and all of our names connecting like a cross word puzzle. It is very clever. The reunion gave us a chance to wear them.

Milk Man

Madison and Matthew in daddy's milk truck. Daddy is a milk man, and yes, I am sleeping with the milk man!! I get that joke all the time. The best is when the little old ladies in the ward say it. That is funny.

Valentines Day

Here are the WILD ONES in their Valentines Day outfits. Aren't they cute!! I haven't really taken the chance to introduce our family. (Pictures from top to bottom.) Madison (9) she is my angel. I could not survive without her. She is the princess and soooo smart!! Look at her shoes aren't they adorable!! Matthew (5) is a muscle man. Every night when he get ready for bed he changes into a superhero that can only wear underwear - he calls himself Muscle Man. This is the Muscle Man pose. (With clothing. I will not be posting the underwear version.) Maxx (4) is so snuggly. He is one of those kids that you could just squish to pieces. He had such a gentle heart, and has a great personality. Very carefree. Micah (2) is for sale!! This is his smile. I have given up on a normal picture. He is a stinker, but can make you laugh all day.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Jan 15, 2008, just one week after Maxx's surgery Matthew had to have both legs operated on to lengthen his heal cords. He was walking on his tippy toes. He insisted on having one green and one red casts. One of the nurses came to talk to us before the surgery and she said that he could only choose between blue, pink, and purple. He looked at the nurse and said, "Blue!! BYU stinks!!" (He takes after his father. I am a true blue fan. BYU/Utah games are fun at our house!) So we talked to the doctor and she said that she would find red and green. The surgery went well except for the screaming and thrashing that went on for about an hour once he woke up. I asked the nurse where the restraints were. He was out of control. The nurse asked me to hold him to see if I could comfort him. That did not work so well. I have bruises from where he kicked me with those weapons called casts. Thank goodness for morphine. It took three doses to finally get him to calm down. The casts have to stay on for 6 weeks. The pictures are of Matthew the day of the surgery.


Well, 2008 has gotten off to a bumpy start. January 5th, the boys were having a race to see who could get to their bedroom the fastest. (Imagine that- boys competing!) Maxx tripped and hit his head on the corner of the wall. He received 5 staples in the head, not our first set!! (I think he is trying to catch up to his brother Matthew. More competition!) He thought it was awesome and insisted on showing everyone. Then on the 8th of January Maxx had hernia surgery. Poor kid thought we were going to the doctors to get his staples out. I tried to explain that he was having surgery and that his staples had to stay in. But we all know that what mother says goes in one ear and out the other, even at age 4. When he woke up and they were still in his head he FREAKED OUT!! He was so mad. The nurse thought that it was hilarious!! It was pretty funny. We tried to explain that he had surgery, but that did not faze him. He wanted his staples out. However, he did calm down and recovered awesome from the surgery. He was up and going the next day.