Thursday, January 7, 2010


This year we grew our own pumpkins!!!! Yeah right. Anyone who knows me knows that I would have killed the pumpkins long long ago. Mom and Dad Ashby had an amazing crop of pumpkins and we were able to share in the profits!! The kids had so much fun picking all the pumpkins and then choosing which one they wanted to keep. There were so many. All shapes and sized. It is always amazing to me at how much fun Matthew and Maxx have working. (One day Matthew went out to play in the back and I found him raking up the leaves. He is awesome!! Where did I get such an angel?)

Where are Micah and Madi when there is work to do? HUMMMMM - the only girl and the youngest child missing in action. Do we need to ask any more questions! :) Just kidding. At least for Madi!! :)

Seriously- what is with these green pants. One day I found them wearing these green pants with bright yellow shirts. Where do I shop? Where are these clothes coming from? Don't they know how to coordinate!!! Thankfully I made them put on somewhat white shirts before stepping outside. I have since gotten rid of the pants. It was a sad, sad, sad, day at the Ashby's!!!!

October Birthdays!!!!

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!
Isn't he so squishable!? Now that my kids are at a point where I actually like them I want them to stop growing up. I know it is not nice to say that you do not like your kids, but I struggled with the baby age. I love the ages they are now. I wish I could freeze time. They are so loveable and still so super funny. I love being a mom. His birthday was the best. The grocery store Maceys celebrated some anniversary and had this awesome carnival that day. It took up most of the parkig lot. It rocked. they had hot dogs, snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn and ice cream cones for only .10 each. You can't beat that. Plus when we were standing in line we had like 3 people hand us tickets. So we spend like 2.00 (got 20 tickets) and were given 20 tickets. We ate so much crap!! Plus they has bounce houses and slides, plus games, balloon animals, and a cake walk and that part was all free. It was awesome. He won a hat. (That he wear all the time. It is 10 times to big and he looks like a homey. Good thing we moved to West Valley. We look like homeys and we do getto things like make our children go to the Maceys carnival on thier birthdays!! We rock!) And a cupcake from the cake walk. It was a blast. Plus he thought that the party was for him and that all these people came to his birthday party. We were not going to bust that bubble! It was super fun. That night we had family over for dinner, cake and ice cream. He got a monster truck that jumps over things, U of U shirt and football (BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! U of U- why must my kids take after their father! Thanks grandma and grandpa Ogden) and these awesome things called Bend A Roo's. He loves them!! These are super fun if you haven't tried them. (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Ashby) He said he had the best birthday ever!!

SOOO Handsome! Isn't it amazing how cute you think your own kids are. (Most the time. When you find them relieving themselves on some bush in the Wendy's parking lot, they are not so cute! But like our kids would ever do that!)

Plus his first friend birthday party!!! He had everything all planned out. He only wanted to invite 3 friends. I tried to talk him into more.... more presents!! Just kidding. But nope. He knew what he wanted. These are his 3 best friends.This cute little girl he loves. Isn't she adorable. We were outside playing for a couple minutes waiting for thier parents and she kept saying, "Maxx come push me!" and he would run over and push her. Another little boy tried and she said, "I want Maxx to do it!" We had a scavenger hunt to find pumpkins, then painted the pumpkins, and decorated spoooky, creepy faces.

Mom also celebrated her 29th Birthday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday!!! Look at this amazing cake that my hotty (are you assuming that this is my husband? He just wants to know!!!) made me. He rocks!! I love cake and oreos. My two favorite things. He surprised me with this- I was so excited. I have one request on my birthday is that I get a cake!!! But he always spoils me. So from here on out I will never age. (Just in the number not in my looks. Thanks goodness for Mary Kay!) 29 FOREVER!!! But hello, most people still think that I am a teenager. Not because of my looks but because of my height. Maybe my looks a little. Just don't get too close. The other day I was at my kids school and one of the teachers told me to turn around and get in line. Once I did she was super embarrassed. She said sorry Mrs. Ashby and I laughed so hard. O well. In heaven I will be all legs and they will be skinny!!!! (No head just legs! HA!)

Fall Fun!!!

One thing I missed about Utah (which I did not realize) was the beautiful leaves. We went for a hike in the Mountains after the leaves had changed and it was beautiful!! The kids had their hands full of leaves. We came home and put them in a vase and they looked so pretty.

The boys playing in the rain. Grandma Lois was so nice to take them out and run in the rain with them. I got to hide inside a nice comfy house and watch/ take pictures. I love watching kids play.

We took a fun trip down town to see all the church sites and museums. On thing I felt we had taken for granted while living in Utah were all the wonderful things here that we never took a chance to go see. When we moved to Vegas everything was new so it felt like we were always doing something. So when we moved back I wanted to make sure that we took the kids downtown to the church sites. We went to the Family History Museum, Temple Square, The Beehive House, Look out on top of the Church Office Building, and a couple other little things. We had a great time. We spent all day there. I thought the kids might get bored but they just "ate it up!" Plus it was free. You can't beat that.
Reinacting Lehi's Dream

Salt Lake Temple

Beehive House

School Days, Swimming, and Rock and Roll

School!! The kids were so excited. A new school, a new start. I have been amazed at how fast they have made friends. It is like we have been at this school forever. They have all just fit in. It has been a big relief for me and them.


Matthew- (Maxx is such a sneek. I did not even notice him there!)

Maxx! My big boy is in school. He looks so proud!

One last romp in the pool! Even though they started school it was still warm for a while to do a little swimming and most of all WATER FIGHTS!!! We'd do this most Fridays after school while it was warm.

Leave it to Dad to have all the FUN torturing the kids! All the kids got it. (But because I am so good with the computer I deleted the other 2 kids being dunked and I am not going to search for them again! O well!)

This is my favorite because the boys were playing rockband in Amy's garage. Some good old food storage cans full of rice and water storage jugs for drums, some golf sticks for drumming and a hockey stick for a guitar! The song they were singing was I hope they call me on a Mission. Watch out ACDC! It was hilarious. The rocker voices and everything. At the end Maxx even did a pose and attempted to do the splits! I am starting to wonder what they are actually teaching them in Primary! Adding a little flare during music time it looks like. (Actually just immitating thier dad!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We had the opportunity to go the Oquirrah hill Temple open house. It was beautiful!

Ithought for sure that my boys would act so reverent with it being the temple. They really tried thier best. But with all those stairs how can you not help but try to see how many you can jump down at one time. (Especially while we were inside- because there are so many stairs!) Then one of them hid in one of the dressing rooms and yelled BOO! as we came around the corner! Such reverent children. Who is thier father? Because thier mother is nothing but reverent!!! :)

We had fun and according to them the best part was the cookies they served after. The people were nice and gave them 2 - I think some children might have gotten 3. (They are sneeky!) They were amazed at how beautiful the temple was and thought it was neat that they have been inside one now.

The only picture I got while at our condo in Park City! There is nothing better than playing games and eating pudding!! (However, I can do without Monopoly. For those out there that do not like Monopoly either there is new monopoly called Monopoly Deal - a card game. It cost like 5 dollars. It is super fun!!! It only takes like 15 minutes at the most to play the game. It Rocks!!)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We are trying to plan a trip to Lego land. Any comments or suggests would be great.

One more comment. What is up with some of the songs on my playlist! I think I was a little bit tipsy that day. But I can't figure out how to change the songs. I put them on and now we are all stuck with what I did! I actually like the songs that I put on I just can't figure out how to change them. My memory medication hasn't been working lately!! :)

Summer Fun!!

I know that I am so far behind that it seems rediculous to even try and catch up. So I am not going to really. But I just wanted to add some pictures of what we have been doing over the past couple of months. We are adjusting well to Utah, but I miss Vegas terribly! It is amazing how fast you can adjust to a place after a little over a year. It is my home away from home. I can't wait until summer and a little vacation there. But it has been fun to be near all the family- especially during the holidays because believe it or not I actually love family parties. I did not realize that I did until I wasn't able to go to all of them last year. So this year was so much fun. However, Amy I miss you terribly and all the late night talks and karoake. Remember I am out of practice with this blogging stuff and for those of you who know me I am very computer jinxed!! So cross your fingers and hope this blog turns out.

There were some amazing planes. Then a trip to Apollo burger afterwards. Thanks for a great time. The kids were amazed!

Then came my favorite time of the season once again-CAMPING!!!! (In Utah somewhere!) So the first night that we were suppose to meet everyone I luckily got the stomach flu. Therefore, I only had to bare through 2 days. Just kidding. I realized that the stomach is much much worse than Camping. Did you hear that! I would much rather camp than have the stomach flu. I did it again without David. I am becoming pro at this all by myself stugg. He was in Vegas working. Camping was fun - except Madi getting sick on the first night. But we made it. She did not even throw up in my tent- her cousins. Sorry again Paul and Amannda! :) Plus our tent did not get soaked through, everyone slept well, and it was all in all an ok time. (If confused refer to older post!)

Almost all of the cousins!! This is at Beaver Dam. Look at how excited my kids are about camping. I have taught them well. Just kidding. I do the camping thing because of them.

Here is a better picture of them!

I do not know why I have so many pictures of the same scene. Another excitement shot followed by.....

Matthew smoking a pencil and Micahs classic pull a face. Which is fine until you go to get nice professional pictures taken. Then it is no longer funny!!

Our cute little family. Warning- no makeup shot- you might want to cover your eyes. Look how hot we are in our matching shirts. We are the only dorks in the family, but I am proud of it!!

Micah loves Grandpa. Moobster is not a hiker and Grandpa saved the day. After 2 steps he starts complainig- my legs hurt. Fun huh! But the hike was made possible by Fruit Snacks and Grandpa.

Swimming in the Creeek!!

Good Times and lots of memories. I only gained 5 pounds on Smores this time. Until next year!