Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tag - Your it!

So I've been tagged. This game really got me thinking. (I need to make more Goals!!)

How To Play This Game of Tag: Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog!


1. My husband. He is the love of my life!! (Most of the time, especially when he is a work. Just kidding. I LOVE YOU BABE!)

2. My kids. I love being a mom. Sit around all day eating bom boms. I wish!!

3. Dancing/gymnastics!! The other day I did a back handspring in the boys room and all the kids were on the bed crying because they were afraid I was going to hurt myself. It was hilarious. I still have some of the moves. However, I do need to do it more.


1. Fire. Not the campfire, but the idea that my house will burn down and I won't be able to get to all my kids.

2. Not being liked by people.

3. Sleeping by myself at night. My husband worked nights for over a year and I never got use to it. I would have lots of little kids snuggled up to me in the morning. They made me feel protected. Now that he works days again, the kids are going through withdrawals. Bad habit to start, but it got me through all those nights. (Prayer actually got me through, but the kids helped!!!)


1. Attend the temple every week. I'm currently going twice a month, so its a start.

2. Living a healthier lifestyle. I love to work out all the time. In fact my husband thinks that it is funny that we go to watch a movie together, and I am on the floor doing sit ups. My real goal is to not eating the entire pan of brownies by myself. That is why I have a booty, not because I don't workout.

3. Get my husband to want to eat cereal for dinner every night. Any suggestions?


1. Keeping my house clean and organized. I love to go through cupboard, boxes, etc. and throw things away or rearranging them. It goes deeper than this, but I do not want you all to think I am crazy!! O wait too late for that.

2. I collect thimbles. I am not sure how many I have now. I know it is over 100.

3. I love talking on the phone. Waste of time I know, but I love it.


1. I can touch my nose with my tongue.

2. I have traveled to a lot of fun places. Such as Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, (thanks too gymnastics) Canada, all back East, and many other fun places.

3. When I was a little girl I seriously thought that I could lay eggs. My Grandpa would have me crow like a rooster and then magically an egg would appear in his hand. At Easter I could lay colored eggs. I had no idea how I did it, but I thought I had some hidden talent. I finally saw Grandma get an egg out of the fridge and hand it to Grandpa. I was so disappointed. I am still just as gullible. If I hadn't seen Grandma get the egg I might still be laying eggs today :]

The people I tag:

1. Amy Whitlock
2. Alaina Margetts
3. Heather Nagel
4. Tiff VanOrden
5. Allyson Wall

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Matthew turns 6!!

Happy Birthday Matthew!! Wow he is 6. Where does the time go? Each year of his life gets easier and easier. He is such a tender heart. He is filled with so much love. He wants to be such a good boy all the time, but he has a temper. Very strong willed. Which will probably be a great trait in the year to come. As I think back through the year I am amazed at all he has come through. Since birth he has had one physical struggle after another. But he is an amazing child.

Born: May 20, 2002
Weight: 6 # 14 oz (Born 16 days early. My water broke.)
Time: 8:02 PM
Length: 19 inches

During delivery his heart slowed/stopped (I can't remember exactly. David knows the story better than me. The whole hospital stay is a blurr for me. I was heavily medicated.) They actually put me to sleep to do an emergency c-section. Best way to deliver a baby. You go to sleep and when you wake up you magically have a baby. However, then you are out of it for days. It has its pros and cons. He was in the NICU for a couple days. We were the giant baby in there. Those babies are so small and such dedicated parents.

Had reflux from the beginning. No medication helped at all. At one year old I think he was almost 15 pounds. He was so skinny. My doctor prescribed a diet of pediasure and ice cream. The reflux is mostly better. I have cleaned up more vomit in my life than a mother should have too. But we love them so we will do anything for them.

At 6 months he had his first surgery. Hypospadia. Urinary track was wired funny.

At 9 months he had tubes. Constant ear infection from birth.

At 18 months he had his adenoids out. Along with his sinus scraped and something else was removed but I can't remember. (Hopefully not his brains.)

At 4 he had VPI surgery. A flap in his throat didn't work so they had to repair that. Luckily this was found because he could not talk. He could talk you just could not understand him. We went from speech therapist to speech therapist and luckily we finally had one of them say it was internal. He is talking great.

At 5 he had his heal cords lengthened. No more tippy toe walking. Yeah.

In between surgeries we've had every chromosome tested, done every genetic test available, (not exactly but it feels like it), been to a dozen specialists because they "think" that he has a genetic disorder because he looks a little different. But what is normal? We finally realized that these doctors do not know what is best. They can't find anything and they want to so badly. To us he is perfect so we said enough is enough.

He was diagnosed with something called Sensory Integration Disorder. (This is not a genetic disorder) Some say it is an actually disorder, some disagree. He just process the world around him a little differently. Nonetheless, we were able to get him some great occupational therapy and he went to a school to help him be able to handle life situation. (He started there at the age of 2- that is one of the hardest things I have had to do. Put my baby on a school bus at that age. It rips your heart out. But it was a lifesaver!! Don't worry the bus had car seats with the 5 point harness. Can you imagine a 2 year old having free reign over a bus.) But now he is doing great. He did great in Kindergarten. One of the top in his class. He scored 100% on his end of school evaluation. Way to go Matthew. He is so smart. But as I look back at all these things I am so grateful for how simple they all were, and they were all treatable. I have an amazing little boy. He has come so far!!! I still get weepy to think of all that he has been through and all that he has accomplished.

Matthew with his cake and presents. He was so excited for the big day.

He wanted the game Crossbows and Catapults. I had never heard of it. But his dad and him were talking about it and he admires his dad so much. So that is what he wanted. It is actually a really fun game. You set up your King, castle, and soldiers, and then launch a coin looking object to try and knock over each others people. (Sorry about the little immodest child in the picture. The story of our lives with this boy. I actually think with all our boys)

Another one of his gifts was a huge Lego castle (from mom, dad, and Grandma and Grandpa Ogden- mostly grandma and grandpa) David and him spent all day building it. It took about 4 hours. Luckily David had the day off work. It is so cool and he loves it. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa. He also got a building set from Aunt Amy and Uncle Alex. Thank you. (Especially from mom because it is easy enough that I can actually put it together. I struggle with all these boy toys. Matthew has to show me how to build things. I just don't get their desire to build, it is a little frustrating to me.)

The finished castle. I love the dragon. That is cool. The draw bridges actually go up and down, it has secret escape doors, and all these other features. It is cool.

That evening Grandma and Grandpa Ashby came over for cake and ice cream. Matthew had to save his cake for them. I think this meant a lot to him to have them come over. They gave him a fun game called Slamwich (kind of like the card game War) and a Kaleidoscope. I haven't played with one of those for years. He thought that was awesome. It is his pirate spyscope and he carries it around in his backpack. He tries to take it to school, but I have to sneak it out of his backpack every morning. However, he did get to take it and some of the Lego guys for show and tell. That was fun. Grandma Lois had him sleep over for his birthday. The next day they wet to McDonald's for lunch. He had a great time. They played games and according to him he won them all.

Of course he had to have a Lego theme for his birthday. He loves them. He can play with them for hours. Just building things and make believing. He is so careful with them and every piece has its specific spot.

Matthews favorite colors are green and red. Loves pepperoni pizza and breadsticks. Loves to play Legos, monopoly, and now crossbows and catapults. Him and Madi also love to play school together. He's such a blessing in our lives. Happy Birthday Matthew, we love you so much.

My baby turned 3

My baby turned 3 years old. I can't believe it. Well, I actually can by his attitude, but it makes me sad. I look forward to them getting older, but the thought of never having a little baby is soooo weird to me. However, I was holding a little baby in church the other week and I thought "you are kind of boring, all you do is lay here." So maybe my frame of mind in changing a little. But I still love babies.

Micah with his presents and cake. Some facts about Micah's birthday.

Born: May 6, 2005

Weight: 7# 2 oz. (2 weeks early. I was a basketcase. I was suppose to get my haircut the next day. I was so upset because I was going to look so ugly without my haircut. I am not the most reasonable person when I am pregnant. Plus I gaining 40 pounds during my pregancy. I looked like a sumo wrestler. A haircut is not going to fix that. In the end, I was drugged up from the c-section and could care less after it was all said and done. Plus my sister was coming in from Vegas for the birth, so that threw that off. Plus we did not have a babysitter for our other kids at that moment. Thanks to uncle Adam who pulled through and watched them, I sure he had more exciting plans. Nothing is more exciting than babysitting when your a teenager. So it was commotion. Plus, I was not mentally prepared. I had a 2 year old, a one year old, and a baby coming. I would have been okay if he'd come 6 months late!! Really. I am so grateful for my Madi who was 6 at the time for all her help. I would have gone insane if it wasn't for her holding Micah as much as she did. They are still great buddies. But everything worked out and our beautiful baby boy was born.)

Time: 9:25 PM

Such a cute baby. We finally named him after 3 days of intense deliberation and when a nurse came in and said, "I really think that he looks like a Micah." So it is the nurses fault if you ever get made fun of for your name. We did not find out what we were having, well we knew or hoped it was a baby, but I mean the sex. So we had not really thought of names at all.

Story: He had to wear some girl clothing during the first month of his life. We had a few outfits that we given to us. But all of our baby stuff was in storage because we were living with Davids parents and had not closed on our house yet. I was not going to go buy all new clothes for a month. Thank you aunt Becky for the clothes- you saved the day.

As a three year old: His favorite food is chicken nuggets. Favorite color is yellow and orange. He loves his blanket too much!! He loves to read. He is such a goof, and a mischief maker. Knows how to get a reaction out of anyone. Full of personality. A big time mamas boy. Loves to play with his baby doll named Grandma LaDonna. (Thank you Grandma LaDonna for helping him name the baby. I wonder where he got that name from?) He is so wonderful and a delight to our family.

He can hardly wait for his cake, so he isn't going too. We had to hide the cake, after he'd eaten most of the frosting. But cake is my favorite too. He takes after his mom. I think that you should eat cake and ice cream at least twice on your birthday. (That might be why I've got a booty!!)

He wanted a polka dot party. So we cut out constructions paper and put circles of all sized all over the house. We also had fruity pebbles for breakfast and a polka dot cake. He loved it!!

(This captures Micah's true personality. The Devil eyes and not sharing any of the candy.) One of the Birthday prizes that he wanted was Candy Canes. I could not find any in May, but thank you Cracker Barrell for selling the stick candies. He thought they were terrific. We hid a ton around the house and he went on a scavenger hunt to find them. He was so excited!!!

This is so sweet. Micah loves Matthews' hats. So for Micah's birthday, Matthew picked out one of his favorite hats and gave it to Micah.

I am not even sure what this present is. David is so into the Fantastic 4. He found this Human Touch flying thing for $1.00 at Toys R Us and had to get it. It is the ugliest toy I have ever seen. It gives me nightmares. It has a fan on the bottom so you can hang it from the ceiling and it will fly around. Micah used it to fan himself all day. Infact he wore out the batteries by nighttime. (Off the subject: I just wanted all you to know that I was just binged in the head with a kick ball that is not suppose to be used in the house. I must pause a moment to disipline. This is my life with three active boys. I am sure there are many who can relate.)

This is his camera. We went to the store and he would not put this down. It made shopping easy. He also received a bunch of other stuff: clothes, games, race car, finger puppets, and other things. He had a great day. Thanks Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, and Uncles for the gifts.

This is my favorite picture. After we opened gifts he went into his room. When I went in there to see what he was doing this is what I found. You can't have a birthday without wearing your birthday suit- while wearing goggles with a candy cane and a camera. It's what I like to do on my birthday!!

On all the kids birthdays, Grandma Lois takes the kids to breakfast or lunch. They get to pick the time and the place. Then they go to a park or back to her house to play for a while. I think that this is such a fun tradition. (So Grandma we expect a visit to Las Vegas on each of the kids birthdays. This is something they will miss a lot. And I will miss the free time while they are gone!!) You have to be 3 inorder to go, so this was Micah's first year. They went to McDonalds and then to the duck park to feed the ducks. He had such a great time! Thanks Grandma!!! (Note: Micah is not flashing a gang sign. He is showing how old he is.)

At the end of the day, Micah found his birthday hat. To the normal person it would seem like he had underwear on his head, but to a three year old it is a birthday hat. He wore them all night while singing Happy Birthday to himself over and over.

Micah- you are my joy. I love him so much. He keeps me laughing and reminds me to keep my sense of humor. Micah I am so glad that you were born. Happy Birthday!!!