Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone pigs out and gains 10 pounds. That is what the Holidays are about!! We are staying in Vegas this year and celebrating with my sister (and her family) and my cousin who also lives in Vegas. It will be a nice small Thanksgiving. Only 19 of us. Since the holidays are not just about pigging out, (I know I confused some of you because you really thought that they were all about food) I must say that I am so thankful for everything in my life. If I were to make a list it would go on forever! There are a few things that I must say that I am grateful for:

My amazing husband- you are the BEST!
My husbands booty- it is tight!
My husband letting me boss him around and him doing what I ask!
How my husband makes me laugh
(Ok I will change the subject you are all getting a litte nauseas
My terrific kids
My sister who is letting me live with her - what service
All my family (they help and support us more than I could ever imagine)
Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, my testimony, all the gospel bring to me in my life
My successes and my trials
And everything else in my life - especailly chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!

Each morning our family gets up and each person tells one thing that we are grateful for. ( I write them down because some of the kids responses are hilarious!! Their comments are usually something like this: McDonalds, yo-yo's, underwear, jam, Lamanites-or whoever we are reading about in the Book of Mormon, and so on. ) This is great way to start the day. This has really helped me look at all that I have, not only from my point of view but through others point of view as well. It makes me think of things that I might not think of and I realize how much I have. I am so blessed. We have been doing this for a while so we are having to get really creative. The other day my husband said that he was grateful for a new day and the ability to change. How lucky are we that we can decide each day to make it better than the one before. I love this.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Dads funeral

We were finally able to have dads funeral on November 18, 2008. (He died Nov. 4, 2008) It was a little tricky getting his body here from the Philippeans. (Where he has lived for the past 6 years.) The funeral was so beautiful. They did not have specific speaker, they just allowed people to come up and share a memory. It was such an amazing funeral. Such a tribute to the amazing dad that I had. I heard a few stories that I had never heard before and it was so wonderful. I was able to share my memories and I really was grateful for that.

Plus it was so nice to see so many family members and friends that I have not seen in years. After the funeral we had a wonderful lunch at my Grandma Aston's clubhouse. I am so grateful for family. I love my dad so much. He was such an inspiration to me in my life and taught me great lessons that I will never forget.

Happy Halloween

This post is so late, but Happy Halloween everyone! I love Halloween. I love going out all night. Everyone is done and I am still going full force! I have to drag them around. It is a good thing that I look like I am 12! One benefit of being small is that you can trick or treat your whole life.

These are the only pictures that I have. I took Halloween pictures with my sisters camera and have not uploaded them yet. Yes I am being lazy. These pictures are from the church trunk or treat a week earlier.

This year we just told the kids and adults to just find something in the dress up box. It think we all did a decent job. This is what we found:

Dad: construction worker
Mom: Witch
Madi: 80's girl
Matthew: Ninja
Maxx: Pie Maker
Micah: Gorilla (not pictured)
Uncle Adam: Ghost Rider, but he did not bring his costume when he visited us from Utah. (He has red hair.)
Uncle Alex: I have no idea
Braydin: No idea, but he looks like a punk with blue hair
Acaylia: 80's girl
Ruby: Ballerina
Sam: Cowboy
Amy: You are a party pooper!! But I still love you.

Who says you need girls?

So I've always wanted to more girls, but I am learning that boys act just like girls. Here is the proof. I just love blackmail photos! We had some girlfriends over they were all painted their nails so the boys joined in. (With the help of their 14 year old cousin who thought it was funny!)

Maxx actually painted his own nails. Not too shabby.

Braydin helped Micah and of course picked out the most noticeable color we had -RED!
I could not get him to hold still for a picture. He was ninja kicking! At least he still acts like a boy.
Maxx is so intense! He wants each nail to be perfect. He is silly. Don't you love the outfit. Aunt Amy has the best dress-ups. the kids prefer these to their clothes. I am just thankful that they have clothes on. (That is a major problem at our house. They love to run around in their underwear playing muscle man - where you flex your muscles and then wrestle each other until someone cries. (This is especailly a real problem with my husband-he puts on his underoos and there is no stopping him. Just kidding babe- I love you!!)

The Big 5!!

My big boy turned 5. (About a month ago. I am behind the times.) I can't believe that he is that old. Where does the time go?

He really wants to be a football player when he grows up. Most of the time this football is glued to his hand.
He is such a teddy bear. He still lets me snuggle him and I love that. I hope this never changes. My two oldest do not even want to acknowlegde me as their mom. I am embarrassing!! ( Maybe I try to be a little embarrassing- what else are parents good for! I can't wait until they are teenagers! :)

I love you Maxx- you are my sweetie and make my life so much fun. You have a great personality and we have so much fun together. (He acts a lot like his mom-scary!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I love you DAD!

My Dad Ron died last night due to heart failure. I can't believe it, my heart is so broken. I love him so much. He was such a good dad and always so happy. He was such a good example to me. I have so many wonderful memories of him. We will miss him so much, but such peace comes to my heart knowing that I will see him again in heaven. I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the testimony that I have which bring me peace and comfort at times of hardship. I was always be his "Little Goonie!" I love you dad.

If you have question about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints visit www.mormon.org

Monday, November 3, 2008

Going Private!!!

Okay- This dance party is going private. So leave your email address so you can continue to enjoy the craziness of our lives.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Activity Days 80's Party!!

Bring on the Neon

For Activity Days they did an 80's Daddy/Daughter party. Since daddy was out of town Uncle Alex took Madi and his little girl Acaylia. (I know my husband is always out of town. It is better for our marriage. Ok-That is a total joke!! I miss him way too much. More than I should, but that is because he is my everything. But starting next week he wont have to go out of town anymore! HURRAY!)

So they had to dress up like the 80's. It was really cute and they all had a great time. They ate, played games, got awards, and I think most of them ended up in the pool towards the end. (Fully clothed)

Daddy sent Madi some flowers because he felt bad that he could not be there.

Madi and Acaylia in their 80's outfits. They were so cute and had a blast!

Grandma and Grandpa come to visit.

Grandma and Grandpa Ashby came to visit. They stayed Oct. 9 - Oct. 12. We had so much fun with them here and were so glad that they came to visit. We have not seen them since we moved to Nevada and have really really missed them.

While they were here they took the opportunity to take Maxx out to lunch for his birthday. (Which was Oct. 24 - he turned 5) They went to McDonald's and then took him to pick out a birthday present. He picked a coloring book where you color the pictures with water and color appears. Then it dries and the color disappear. He also got some learning workbook and a book of mazes. (He loves workbooks and learning.) He had a great time. Grandma and Grandpas are the Best.

We also had cake and ice cream while they were here to celebrate his birthday. We probably could have pretended that it was his actual birthday and he would have been fine with it.

We took them to Red Rock Canyon on one of our favorite hikes. It was a little cold but we bundled up and kept warm. It is a beautiful hike.

After the hike Grandma and Grandpa took us out for the best pizza ever. It was so good and warm!! We were a little cold. (Weird to be cold in Vegas - because now the weather is up to the mid 80's and it is the end of October.)

3 Generations of Fixing Toilets!!!!
Grandpa also helped us fix a broken toilet. Sam (our nephew) flushed a few things down the toilet. After much plumbing and snaking, they ended up just replacing the entire toilet.

Thanks for coming to visit! It was so much fun and we were so sad to see you go!! We love you so much. Come sooner next time!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

(I seriously look scary in these pictures, but it was my Birthday and I had a great day so I am going to suck up my pride and post them. Also, I realized from these pictures that my nose gets longer every year. I am turning into a witch! HE HE HE.)

My birthday is Oct. 7 and it is my favorite holiday because it is all about me. (I am not selfish at all!) So my mom with my sisters help went all out for me. Even though my mom lives in Utah. She always takes care of me. So she and my sister planned this awesome day for me.

Here goes the day: I woke up to breakfast in bed. Thanks kids.

Then I got this card that said, "If mom were here she would clean the house for you. She is not so I will. Just sit and relax for a fun day awaits you. I will take care of everything."

Once I woke up and headed down stair, I found this: the kids had decorated the house for me. This is just as you come down the stairs. The whole kitchen was decorated with crepe paper and streamers and balloons. It was too cute. I am wearing my birthday hat. The kids wear it on their birthdays. It sings Happy Birthday and the candles light up.

Then I got note #2: If mom were here she would take you on a shopping spree. Yippee~!!! I was so excited. I really need some new clothes.

When I came home from taking Matthew to school I found these: My love was out of town but he sent me these beautiful flowers! Thanks love. He also had a present from the kids ready. He is so on top of things. He is the BEST!!

As we were in the car driving to go shopping I got card #3: It says, "I mom were here we would probably not go to Sonic for drinks, but we will go anyways and get something to build up our energy." Diet Limeade with Cranberry flavoring- my favorite.

Here we are at Kohl's getting ready to do some shopping. It was a lot of fun. That is amazing for me to say because I HATE shopping but I so enjoyed myself. (Even with the crying kids.) We just laughed and giggled and had a great time. I am sure I heard applause when we left because they were glad we were out of there. We might have been a little silly!!)

Note #4: If mom were here she would take you to lunch. She is not here so we will go without her. I was so surprised when I got this note. I did not think that there would be more. I was so spoiled.

After lunch I got note #5: If mom were here she would make sure you had your favorite birthday cake. Lets head to Chili's to get some Molten Cake. (If you have not had this you must try it. A friend suggested it to me and I love it! Can't you tell- I scarfed it.) I also got to wear this pretty crown all day because I am the Princess. You can ask anyone in my family. It's our family joke. I got a lot of stares! But I just figured they were jealous!! (I might have looked a little silly, but it really didn't bother me. I think most of the time I forgot that I even had it on.)

After Chili's I got note #6: If mom were here she would party with us until sun-up. She is not, so I will. Lets head to Red Box get and movie and some treats. The party will continue after the kids are in bed. (We actually skipped the treats part because I'd already had Molten cake and was stuffed!! I totally pigged out today and I loved every minute of it. I think we partied until about 10:30 pm and then I was dead. I am getting old.)

That night the kids each gave me a card with coupons in them for things they would help me with around the house. They are the Best. Plus I got the game Would You Rather... It is a fun game. I loved my cake because it had 19 candles and then a #3, a #5 and a #1. For a grand total of....... 28 candles if you add up all the numbers.

I truly love each year. They just keep getting better. I have been so blessed in my life and the blessings get better each year. However, every year I get older my kids do too. Even though I tease that I can not wait until they move out it truly breaks my heart to think that one day they will move on to families of their own. (I have actually started crying at every Birthday Party of my kids. They are too precious. I do not want them to grow up.)

Note 7: If mom were here she would watch the kids so I could take you to get a pedicure and lunch. She is not so we will have to wait until next week, then we will go! (She took me out the next Thursday and we had a great time. We actually got manicures and we looked HOT!! I choose a nice bright pink color, and my boys loved it. It is amazing how much they notice.)

Thanks to everyone who made my day the BEST ever!!! It was so wonderful. Everyone was so giving and thoughtful. Plus I got tons of calls from people and emails. I also got a couple of gifts from friends and family in Utah- so I was surprised all week long. You are all the Best.
Thanks a million!!!

Nevada Hotels

So Madi had to do a state report on Nevada. Which she did a fantastic job! She put so much time and effort into it. Great Job Madi. One part of her report (one of the sides that you can't see) was on the hotels of Nevada. So one night we thought that we would take her onto the Strip and show her those hotels. So we were driving and all the kids were just fascinated with how big and amazing all these hotels were. (Here is a little side note: when you are on the strip there are large advertisements for one of the shows, and it shows the back side of a women in a thong.) So we finished looking at all the hotels and we were asking the kids which one they liked best. Madi loved the MGM Grand, Maxx loved the "Castle" which is the Excalibur, and then Matthew was not with us. When we asked Micah our three year old what his favorite hotel was he said he loved the women's BUMMIES!! That goes to show you how much kids actually notice. We laughed so hard. We are going to have to watch that boy.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mad Scientist!

Alex decide to play mad scientist on everyone's hair. Braydin was told that if he cut his hair (and it was really shaggy) he could dye it. (The color of choice was red.) So Braydin went first and there was a lot of dye left.

So my hotty honey lined up!! Why waste any of the dye. However, David does look like he is enjoying himself a little too much. Hey I like my hair dyed too. So they finish with David and there is still dye left so who will be their next victim?

My BABY!!! Micah was so excited to have red hair. He looks a little scared here, but he loved it. (I had a more frightened expression on my face.) He just sat there. So after Micah there was still dye left...

So we decided that the mad scientist need a little himself. I squeezed the tube while Alex rubbed it in.

Can you imagine my horror when I saw this color taking over my beautiful blonde boy!! (David does want him to be Flame Man or whoever from the Fantastic 4-we can't find the costume, but at least we have the hair!!)

He did fine until they tried to wash out the dye. I told them to tilt his head back so they were not drowning him. However, a mothers advice is never taken seriously. Poor kid. They were trying to "toughin' him up." I call it torture.

There is the finished product. He is so proud.

He loves it. He could not wait to show his brothers and sister in the morning. All the other kids were asleep. The next morning they were in shock. Maxx was so mad that he did not get red hair.

This picture does not do justice to the red heads that are now my husband and son. Lets just say that I am glad that we are not red heads. (And I always wanted a red head.) It does not look good on them. I will be glad to have my boys back. (It has been 2 weeks and I still am shocked everytime I see Micah. He just isn't the same.)

Birthday Cake!!

Micah (3 years old) helped me make a birthday cake for Ruby's half birthday. It might not be the most sanitary birthday cake but it was delicious. (I believe the germs are cooked out of it.) He did most of it by himself. He did a great job!!


I told the boys it was lunch time. They beat me down the stairs by a couple of minutes and this is what they decided they would like for lunch. Nothing like ice cream and frozen muffins. DIG IN!!!

Sam and Micah (firehead!!)

The Butterfly Park!!

This park is called the butterfly park. It has these huge butterflies and flowers all over the park as you can see. It also has 3 of the funnest slides. They are fast and the kids loved them. I also loved them. I always have to try out the slides with my kids. (There are some benefits of being under 5 feet.)

They had alligators, catepillars, frogs, and other creatures that the kids could play on.
Micah just coming out of one of the slides. The middle one was the funnest by my vote because it was so fast.

3 silly boys in a tunnel.

This is my favorite picture because I had just told Maxx that we were not going to play in the water. The next thing I know, he is drenching himself in the water. Even though he did not mind me I still laughed! (I know bad parenting.) But it was pretty funny. Within seconds he was totally trenched and it looks like he is enjoying himself. Maybe it felt like a massage.

Boy Meets Bedpost!!

Maxx decided to fight a bedpost. Take a wild guess as to who won! He was goofing off in Braydins room and hit his eye on the bedpost. The pictures do not do it justice. That bump was huge. He could not even open his eye for a while it was so swollen. Then over the coarse of 2 weeks it continued to improve. I felt so bad for him. I was surprised it took so long to heal. It left a little scar and his eye is still a little bruised on the eyelid. I think that once it stopped hurting he thought the bruise was cool. He had to show everyone. However, this is not Maxx's first shiner, and I am sure it won't be his last.