Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It was hat day at school. So I let the kids pick whatever hat they wanted to wear. I maybe should have helped Maxx. However, you can't beat a huge Sombrero at school. I am sure the teacher loved that. (And for sunglasses day he wore a big pair of yellow clown glasses. You know the gigantic sized pair you use to play with as a kid. I forgot to take a picture. This boy always thinks outside the box.)

Madi has been taking classes at the Hale Center Theatre and so why she is there we head over to the library for an hour. It has been really fun to have that time with the boys and just focus on reading. (And the rodents they have trapped in a cage. And the 50 trips to the bathroom. And the beanbag that they want to run and jump into. Did I say that we go there to read?)


Lisa said...

You are an awesome mommy and you have amazing kids.

Nagels said...

what good readers :) those are some cute pictures.